About Me

I am a Senior Data Scientist at Duo Security , where I’ve worked since 2018. My current research involves the detection of fraudulent authentications, as well as inflight detection of malicious activity via risk-based authentication product .

I attended the University of Michigan, where I obtained a B.S. in Computer Science. While there, I also studied physics and music, made a pretty cool radiological measurement system , and had the opportunity to teach Computer Security .

In December 2021, I completed a Master’s in Computer Science and Data Science at the University of Illinois.

Research Interests

My prior work is focused on using a combination of models for authentication anomaly detection. This work was presented at the AI Village of DEFCON 29. Currently, I focus on identifying simple and powerful mechanisms for identifying malicious authentication behavior, without introducing undue friction for users. To see my latest public-facing work, see my resume .

I’m also interested in the intersection of data and privacy , as well as public policy and climate change. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, and making our industry a little less terrible .